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Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 8

Case Study Examples a partnership with its major competitors like the University Hospitals Health systems (Porter and Teisberg, 12), it can gain several ideas including practices and services offered. Furthermore, there are instances when the patients prefer the main campus, an indication that the services provided at the community and county hospitals are minimal (Porter and Teisberg, 5). Therefore, Cleveland Clinic should also consider addition of new services in community branches.Generally, as a recommendation, Dr. Cosgrove should consider adopting these strategies because they will help in ensuring that the clinic offers more effective services to its patients, and also ensure satisfactory services in community and county hospitals.Cleveland Clinic’s focuses much on retaining and growing the existing clients (Exhibit B). In other words, the clinic aims at providing the best services to the patients so that it can ensure patients’ satisfaction, thereby receiving more new patients or retaining continuing patients. Generally, according to the clinic’s rationale, when it focuses much on the experience that the patient has, then it would be easier to recognize whether the patients get full satisfaction from the services provided. The clinic therefore, focuses on the “patient first� (Porter and Teisberg, 9) aspect in order to ensure the satisfaction of the patients. As a result, the clinic has applied some strategies, for instance;For years the clinic established an open record policy, but currently the clinic has created a system whereby the records are included online as personal health records. In addition, the clinic, since 2012, has ensured an elevated access to electronic patient information, starting with the lab results. As a result of these changes, patients have an online access to the physicians’ notes for review after a visit.Since the clinic made decision to make it easier for their patients to see the physicians, it came up with a system whereby the

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